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You have a fantastic business, but there's just one problem...

As a business owner with EIGHT THOUSAND things on your plate each day… mastering compelling content, copy, and marketing for your business that's consistent and relevant? Can be *exhausting*…


Not to mention the pressure you feel when you know saying the wrong thing or showing up inconsistently can stop you from achieving the success you deserve. 

  • Maybe you aren't sure how to stand out in a crowded marketplace? 

  • Perhaps you're stuck with what to say, what to share, or are scrambling around for content ideas all the time? If you're googling: 'how to write a blog' - I see you. 

  • Maybe you're sick *and tired* of feeling like you're chasing one thing to the next or have no idea what direction to head in… and nothing is working to make your brand have impact and bring in more income?

  • Or maybe you're saying, "Ummmm, Char, I am ALL of the above!".

If you're nodding, I want you to know I've got you, my friend. Your scrolling has landed you in the right place. 

Char White Writes exists, so I can help you overcome your content marketing struggles and get your business turning clicks into customers with ease. 


How you ask? Through affordable and authentic solutions that include strategy support, handy shortcuts, and a streamlined sustainable approach.


So, it's time to say goodbye to your self-titled 'stuck and struggling' DIY method and instead master your content with me, your freelance copywriter, in your corner as your brand marketing sidekick. 


Specific content created for the sole purpose of conversion.

desk organization_edited.jpg


Ad Copy

Turn eyeballs into clicks. Creating persuasive ads across digital (Facebook, Instagram, Google), video (YouTube) and printed (newspapers or direct mail) mediums.


Email Marketing

For emails that *actually* get opened and read. Autoresponders, welcome & indoctrination sequences, sales, content, affiliate and re-engagement series. 


Landing Pages

Compelling lead magnets that turn clicks into leads and expand that crucial email list. 


Homepages & Website Copy

For branding, authority copy and product descriptions, to create trust, establish expertise and offer next steps.


About Pages

Share your vision and how your brand makes its mark on the world. Communicate your mission statement, philosophy, and what makes it different.


Promotional Videos & Video Sales Letters

Did you know that 85% of video is watched without sound*? Essential for boosting conversions: subtitles, scripts, visual content during the video, headlines and that all-important info box.



Ongoing support that focuses on engagement, education, and brand awareness.

desk organization_edited.jpg


Blog Posts 

Prepare for those search engine crawlers by artfully blending beautifully written copy with SEO keywords to optimise google rankings 


Social Captions

Attract traffic and build your tribe with personality-fuelled copy designed to stop-the-scroll.



To build trust, entertain and create a sense of community. 


Content Videos

Natural scripting, engaging frameworks and eyecatching headlines all refined for video format. 


Community Management

Struggling with what to say and how to say it in those *tricky* customer situations? Not anymore.


Transparent Pricing

Whether you're planning for your next quarter or needed *that* piece of content yesterday, I pride myself on a fuss-free onboarding process so you can get back to what you're great at. Share your vision with me, and you'll have a response within 48 hours. 

As a freelancer, I am luxuriously able to work flexibly. If that's for a traditional 'day' a week, an individual project or as and when you need, our working relationship can be tailored to your specific requirements. 


Below is a ballpark cost for projects my clients commonly need help with. For ongoing copywriting needs, I also offer a competitive retainer service.   

Social Posts

Starting from £45.

Email Marketing

£200 for a three step welcome workflow.

Set of x4 Blog Posts

Starts at £395.

Complete 5 page website

£3500 on average.

Image by Jessy Smith

Let's chat it through.


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