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Updated: Mar 5

Ahhh the ever-elusive skincare routine. Claimed by many to be the absolute key in achieving that so clear, so glowy, so utterly perfect flawless skin that it seems completely unobtainable to many. The main query on most peoples' lips when whispered shamefully to their neighbour is usually ... but what actually is a skincare routine?

skincare routine

How can something so apparently simple be so confusing to so many I hear your cry? Most likely this is down to a lack of concise information all in one place and that dear reader is exactly what you'll get from this post. Believe it or not the answer is really simple - a skincare routine is exactly that ....a routine! An activity that needs to be completed in a certain way for a certain length of time to achieve the desired results. 'Routine' - emphasises the need for consistency and set steps - but Char what are those steps?

Below are my foolproof, mythbusting steps to answering this question once and for all and applicable for both AM and PM, and yes ideally you need to be doing both!


Now I'm sure many of my readers will have already heard of the magical woman that is skincare guru Caroline Hirons but if you haven't yet GOOGLE HER and get lost for many hours ... read: days .... on her blog entirely dedicated to skincare. She has coined the phrase 'double cleansing' which involves using one cleanser either a micellar water or a cream based cleanser to remove dirt and makeup, followed by a second cleanse with an alternative cleanser ideally to be oil based to really clean the skin. It is THE way to ensure your skin is clear and ready for the next steps in your routine. Personally I LOVE the QMS Medicosmetics Deep Gentle Cleanser and the BYBI Swipe Clean Oil Cleanser which is all natural and sustainable - what's not to love!


Slightly outdated language would refer to this as toning but the beauty industry has moved on slightly now a days. This is my favourite step and is used to lock in moisture after cleansing and to provide the perfect canvas for additional products. Look for anything containing Hyaluronic Acid to amp up the glow.


Yes, this is correct place to apply your eye cream - who would have thought it! Use your ring finger to pat in the product gently to the delicate eye area, we certainly don't need to be giving those wrinkles any extra help in development.

skincare routine


This is where the world is your (skincare) oyster. There are quite honestly a never ending amount of different ingredients you could possibly want to include here depending on your skincare concern and what you'd like to achieve. My recommendation would be to hone in on your area of concern and go to a trusted brand you love for that solution. Be it lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, texture, redness there will be something for you.


Last but finally not least is the final, and arguably most satisfying step - moisturiser and/ or oils. They act as your raincoat over your outfit to protect you from the elements, locking in all that hard work and ensure that your skincare can work its magic. Use an oil for an ultimate hydration lock in, just treat with caution if applying in the morning before makeup - no one wants to look like the Joker by lunchtime!

See you next week!

Char x

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Apr 30, 2020

Toner doesn't exist any more?! Well ive learnt something new today xx

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