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Updated: Jan 12, 2022

It’s about this time in the year when I like to review the beauty industry and see if those so-called ‘trends’ predicted for the new year have really stuck around or if they’ve simply been a flash in the pan. Beauty took a massive hit in 2020 and continues to do so this year with salons and hairdressers closed but if we still consider the beauty sphere to be a sign of the times, the major beauty and wellness trends rumored to take off BIG time are a solid barometer of the national mood as a whole.

So, the next logical question is: what (on earth) can we expect from 2021? Some things we can see are some seriously scaled back makeup bags, a massive focus on skin and skin health, and an open-minded approach to all-encompassing wellness (because it certainly can’t hurt!). That’s why I’ve taken a second look and rounded up the top trends that really are going to MASSIVE in helping us enter an inter-COVID-19-era, and its aftermath, with solutions that make us feel better as well as looking better.

Here are the big 2021 beauty and wellness trends set to meet our 'new needs’ in the ‘new normal’…


2021 is all about moving forward and according to Pinterest, searches for manifestation techniques have rocketed by over 100% on the platform with users looking for ways to take back control and get the universe to give them a helping hand with making their dreams a reality. What’s manifestation we hear you cry? It’s a technique that involves identifying your heart's desire and sending it out into the universe by saying it out loud. Once you’ve ‘planted’ the seed you have to back it up with action and control over your thoughts, removing obstacles to achieving these goals like pesky self-doubt, procrastination, and fear. Essentially, it's about creating a positive mindset which let’s be honest, we could all do with a little bit more of!


Another area that has shot up in popularity is the rise of crystals. Whether you believe in their powers for healing, restoration, or protection it seems like we will all be incorporating crystals into our beauty regimes. It’s official, crystals and facial massage are having a MOMENT. You only have to take a quick scroll through social media to see beautifully refined facial tools popping up on shelfies and in selfies. As we continue to have (a lot) more time on our hands more and more of us are looking like we will be reaching for these skincare tools as part of our everyday routines, but do they live up to the hype?

On a spiritual level, amethyst crystals are often used to ward off negative energies and stress, therefore, promoting clarity, relaxation, and stress relief. Each crystal is legendary for having its own energy and healing properties, but if you’re skeptical about the power of crystals, each stone also has its own physical and chemical properties. These can provide different benefits for different skin types and concerns so it's key to clue yourself up and do the research. Still skeptical? At the very least the beauty community appears to be united in the opinion that manual tools used on the face are more beneficial than electronic alternatives. Facial rollers are fantastic for facial massage which promotes lymphatic drainage (read: reduced puffiness) and promote blood flow to the area which can lead to a visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles over time. They can even aid in your hard-earned skincare ingredients being absorbed more effectively into the face and neck.

Another area on the rise is Gua Sha to promote define the contours of the face and detoxify. Never heard of Gua Sha? Used in traditional Chinese medicine Gua Sha involves scraping a flat, rounded tool usually made of (you’ve guessed it) crystal, over the skin. Roughly translated ‘gua’ means press or stroke, and ‘sha’ refers to a rash or redness. A Gua Sha treatment, even from home, relaxes facial muscles, gets the energy and blood moving, and shifts puffiness. Studies show that it can even improve circulation by up to 400% which removes toxins and brings in oxygen and nutrients. Even 5 minutes a day can really reap results. You’ll feel like you’ve been to a spa in the comfort of your own home.


The chances are you may already be fully embracing this trend already! With many of us working from home (and staying at home) more than ever before, our makeup routines have taken a serious backseat. Instead of heavy bases and contouring, strategic concealer and lightweight barely-there bases have been our go-to of choice. ‘Naturally glowing skin’ Google searches are up 180% since the start of the pandemic and our focus on skincare and our skin health going into 2021 is likely to be at an all-time high. It’s official, skincare as a category has overtaken makeup. What does that mean in practice? More consumers than ever are likely to invest in professional products and services.

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