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WOW. 2021 was a ride, am I right?! Whilst it was incredibly challenging in many ways (just like it’s big brother 2020) one thing I personally enjoyed was seeing some truly epic beauty trends come back with a vengeance. We’ve had 90s nostalgia with all it’s matte makeup glory and Y2K hair styles, meta-skin and who can forget the Boy Band Bob! Online we’ve had makeup hacks and viral skincare moments courtesy of new app on the block: TikTok. So, it’s at this point we naturally turn our attention to what 2022 will bring and what I can happily say is it’s going to bigger, brighter, and better than ever before. If you want to be ahead of the curve then take a quick look at what’s on it’s way…


Purple is going to be massive. The trend forecasting big wigs over at WGSN predicted that ‘digital lavender’ will be definitive of 2022 announcing it to be their Colour Of The Year. Pantone wasn’t far behind with Very Peri (17-3938) – a soft blue / purple shade with violet-red undertones. Whether it’s in makeup, fashion, or hair hues – purple is about to explode, watch this space.


With the global athleisure fashion market estimated to read $517 BILLION dollars by 2025 you bet your bottom dollar the beauty industry has decided to get in on the action. What started with early adopters introducing products to cater to the gym-goer has grown into a rapidly increasing selection of products claiming to be ‘sweat-proof’. Lululemon, Clarins, Kosas Cosmetics and FaceGym are already tapping into this trend. Look out of unisex skincare products that adapt to consumers’ active lifestyles.


In a sustainability move to decrease its reliance on cotton, Bast fibres are set to be massive. The bast fibre group (which includes flax (linen), hemp, ramie and jute) requires a fifth of the fertiliser required for traditional cotton, less water to grow and draws carob into the soil, making it a much lower impact crop. Linen is rising steadily in fashion circles and with good reason, its cooling, moisture-wicking, absorbent, breathable and durable with inherent antibacterial and stain resistant properties. You’ll be seeing a rise in hemp denim jeans and jute being used in footwear and accessories.


New chapters in life has often been marked by having a good old fashioned haircut, be it a breakup, becoming a mum or embracing a new job. It’s certainly nothing new with many celebrities opting for dramatic style changes during periods of change. Top hairstylists predict that in 2022 we’re all going to subconsciously break up with the pandemic by way of a statement chop – searches for shaved head dye designs on Pinterest are up by x12 compared to last year.


Nothing new you’d think. Complex nail art designs have been all over our feeds since the pre-pandemic era but 2022 is set to bring a new wave of landscape art to nails with a focus on painting entire intricate scenes onto our talons. The jury’s out on whether it brings a sense of escapism and calm to our fingertips but desert nails are up 105% on Pinterest which has got to stand for something.


According to trend forecasters WGSN, the pandemic gave rise to the concept of ‘beauty snacking’. Confused? I don’t blame you. This trend is actually comprised of micro beauty moments incorporated into daily lives in order to create differentiation between home and work back when we couldn’t leave our houses. These ‘snacks’ are characterised by creating accessible moments of pleasure from a quick spritz of a refreshing facial mist, to a luxurious hand massage to ward off over-sanitised dryness, beauty snacking will become even more established over the coming year.

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Until next time.

Charlotte x

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