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Enter the world of the beauty gadget. A complete necessity to some and a world of confusion for others. These at-home beauty devices have fundamentally changed the beauty game providing us with the vibrating, oscillating, and exfoliating road map to the best skin of our lives. Or at least that’s what they promise anyway. Whether you’re derma rolling or kicking your cleansing routine up a notch, let us walk you through the very best beauty gadgets, lockdown style.


Thought that cleansing your skin was simply wipe, swipe, and go? Think again. The FOREO Luna 3 Sonic Facial Cleanser ( is changing the way we think about cleansing our skin. Using sonic vibrations through 16 cleansing intensities, 4 massaging modes AN,D connecting to your smartphone, this device promises you stimulation of circulation and a more youthful appearance. Simply use with your favourite cleanser for some seriously turbocharged skincare.


In the same way that you hit the gym (or the garden nowadays) to give your muscles a workout, you can now give your skin the same treatment. Made from pure jade crystal and applied with upward stroking actions the FaceGym Hay’U Beauty Restorer De-Stress Tool promises lymphatic drainage to reduce toxins and alleviate stress-related symptoms such as a clenched jaw, eye strain, and daytime fatigue. After a traditional gadget? The NuFACE Mini Facial Toner ( uses a powerful microcurrent for a natural and non-invasive face-lift that improves with use over time.


Needing an anti-wrinkle fix but without the commitment of injectables? The Beauty Bio GloPRO Micro needling Regeneration Tool creates micro-injuries to the upper layers of the skin when applied with gentle pressure. Now don’t be put off, this allows the increased production of collagen and for your skincare of choice to be absorbed x200 more effectively. Prefer something a little more gentle? The kitsch Crystal Facial Roller is the perfect partner for depuffing the skin, especially when kept in the fridge!

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