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Updated: Apr 6, 2021

In case you've been living under a rock recently, it’s been a pretty crazy terrifying year so far. 2020 has thrown everything we know up into the air and jumped up and down on it for good measure. Never has it been more difficult, yet more necessary, to attract new customers to help businesses weather this storm. Being able to capture your customer’s attention and then maintain it is one of the key ways businesses just like yours can continue to make sales during this (bizarre) year of change. Here are my top tips for perfecting your pivot (SPOILER: make it to the end and there might just be a treat in it for you).


Consumers can be fickle beings and when it comes to gaining new business, money (often) talks. Entice potential customers to try out your products by offering them a discount on their first order or encourage repeat business by including a free sample size of a popular product with their existing order? Even better, let them personalise that free gift to make it really unique to them. One of the beauty brands that do this best? Glossier. I have been a statistic of this marketing ploy. I was enticed to make an initial order with a 20% deal, I selected a free sample size of my choice, and then once received I went back and reordered not only what I originally bought but the full size of the free sample I was offered. It. Works.


Being proactive and asking for referrals can be one of the most proven ways to expand your customer base. Unfortunately, it's unlikely that passionate and engaged consumers will simply wander across your path and refer their friends, so you need to proactive. Target satisfied customers with a referral offer that they can spread to their friends to get more money off their next order. Brands who do this best? Uber and ClassPass. Ever seen one of those forwarded messages pop up in your WhatsApp saying you’ve got a deal on your first month’s membership because you were referred by a friend? Of course, you have - because once again. It. Works.


Sometimes even the smallest switch can pay back big time when you’re looking to expand your reach. The best place to start? Your website. In today’s digital market place your website really is your shop window and unfortunately if it’s not sparkling, easy to use, and attractive there are many others that are that customers can stop at. Investing in your website’s copy and SEO functions can be the difference between growth and decline. No idea where to begin? No problem, that’s where I come in 😉…


Did you know that despite how busy you might think online inboxes might be, more than 55% of marketers still see the best ROI from email campaigns?! Email marketing gives you the ability to cultivate mutually beneficial and lasting relationships with your consumers, turning that one-time sale into repeat business. Now that’s invaluable. There appears to only be one catch. How to attract more people to sign up for your email list?? Drop me an email and I can forward you my best tips to growing that all-important email list, free of charge with no obligation. Call it a gift from my house to yours…

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