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If it’s one thing we all know – the GLOW will always be in. Consumers and brands alike have been fixated with trying to achieve the wet look results of glass-skin since it rocketed onto our social media feeds back in 2019 and there’s a reason it’s still going, it’s such a healthy, juicy look!

Nevertheless, all things trends evolve, shift and adapt and it’s not often that a new trend makes the industry sit up and really pay attention. Take one look at Instagram and you’ll see that clouds are really having a moment both in fashion and beauty. Enter: Cloud Skin.

It began where many beauty trends do, backstage at London’s Fashion Week AW20 where models were sent down the runway with skin so glowing and radiant it’s almost soft focus. Think all the glowing power of a killer-watt highlighter mixed with a hazy, lit-from-within veil almost like the sun shining through a thin band of cloud.

The experts refer to it as expertly and strategically mixing skincare and makeup to get an angelic-looking glow instead of the blinding highlight looks, we’ve been used to pre-pandemic.

How to achieve it? It’s all down to mixing textures and the prep work. Carefully layering skincare to achieve the glowing base and then selecting cloud-like coverage makeup elements and strategic powder usage to set it all dreamily in place. It takes down the wetness of the other textures and adds that blurring filtered quality that’s key to the look.

Now’s clearly the time to really push your skincare and makeup offering to consumers as a hybrid ‘look’. If you need any help with getting these ideas down on paper (or word document), give me a shout!

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