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Updated: Mar 5

You see, content is not just words or images. It’s a system to get you SEEN, get you LOVED, and then get you SELLING. It’s what you post or share that matters most.

Here’s an insight into the *exact system* I use when creating content for my retainer clients. It's a powerful step-by-step system – that you can use as your bespoke plan to have a list of exactly what content to create. #hellyeah?!

flow diagram

Step 1: Look at your business.

Your content serves a purpose, so always start with your business goals first! This is how content goes from ‘random ideas’ to ‘really making a difference to your bottom line. What do *you* need more of? What outcomes do you want your content to create? Being intentional around this makes content easier and makes it make more impact and income.

Ask yourself:

  • What’s going on in the world, in your industry/ niche, or in your business For example, are there important dates upcoming like Christmas, Black Friday, dates important to your audience, or a new team member starting?

  • What is your business strategy? Is there a launch coming up? Something you need to be creating hype or momentum for?

  • Do you need more clients for a particular service you offer?

  • Do you need to move stock to make way for new stock?

  • Are enquiries low for a service or are they too high for this service?

  • What are your competitors doing right now… and what can you do differently or to compete?

Answering these key questions can help give you so much inspiration for your content batching to come… and help you move the needle. #winwin

Step 2: Look at your content pillars.

This shouldn’t come as a secret, but every brand needs to have content pillars! These are the pillars that you base your content around to ensure you are covering different elements that are crucial to your audience. Here at Char White Writes, I employ a 5 pillar method that you can use in your business! The pillars (or topics) I use to create my high-performing content around are:

  1. Educate – this is where you add value to your audience! Solve their problems.

  2. Engage – here is where you use ‘easy to interact with’ content like memes, quotes, and aesthetic photos to create engagement.

  3. Connect – whether your brand is large or small, your personal presence and storytelling is a superpower. Add a human touch or connection here.

  4. Business – Use this pillar to show your audience why what you do is the one for them. Build trust, show points of difference and more!

  5. Sell – *hint*: all the pillars above help you position your offer, and now, it’s time to show it off and sell! Focus on benefits, solutions and strong calls to action.

By using these 5 pillars, and rotating through them regularly, you can strategically create content that connects and compiles them to take action (buy from you!).

Start to write down ideas that come to mind under each pillar that you can share in line with the business brainstorm you did in step 1. Then move to step 3!

Step 3: Create/source ideas that align with your business goals.

What exactly does this mean? Simple! It’s about brainstorming topics your audience would find interesting, of value or connect with around what your brand is selling or offering.

For example, if you are wanting to sell a service that helps with Instagram Reels, your content should focus on that topic to position this – like why are Instagram reels important? How they can benefit your business! Tips on Instagram reels. Your story of success with Instagram reels.

The best part? You *do not* need to come up with this yourself. Why? You can ask your audience what *they* want to know about your topic, offer or product.

If you are looking for inspiration on top of your own brainstorming, do a survey in a Facebook group, Instagram Stories, or via your email list and ask:

  • What education does your audience want or need?

  • What pain points or desires are they experiencing when it comes to your topic (and that you can then help with)?

Step 4: Now you have bags of strategic content ideas, it’s time to batch your content.

Here is the deal with content batching, right? It is so much more effective to get in the flow when it comes to writing, filming or creating so now you are going to go through and look at your period ahead and say “I need this number of posts, this number of reels, this number of stories” and then? YOU CREATE!


I promise this method will save you hours when compared to creating content 1 step at a time.

If only there was a step-by-step method somewhere on how to effectively batch your content by someone you trusted? Handily I wrote one - check it out here [INSERT LINK]

Step 5: Batch content with repurposing in mind!

Ever heard the saying “create your content once, use it thrice!”?

Well… now you have! Once you have created your content, plan to use it in more places than JUST your Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin. Try to repurpose this to:

  • Your emails

  • Your blog

  • Other social media channels

  • Save to ‘recycle’ at a later date for best-performing pieces of content

Repurposing this content for more than just 1 post is a small business lifesaver.

There you have it! My secrets to creating better content in just five steps.

Until next time,

Char x

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