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Updated: Mar 5

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June has finally rolled around and that means – potential freedom and Father’s Day. Just in case this date isn't already on your content calendar it's the 20th June here in the UK...

Traditionally these national calendar days are a prime time for brands to make the most of their email marketing platforms in the hope of increased sales. As we know ‘gifting’ occasions are prime revenue generation time but what if I told you, you could in fact be doing more harm than good sending out that email flow?!

The reality is that consumers want to connect with the brands they purchase from (check out my previous insight all about brand personality here). They don’t want to feel like they’re simply on a large email marketing list and knowing their preferences is more important than ever before.

With this in mind, Father’s Day can be a particularly hard time for many and some of your consumers you intend to reach out to about your incredible discounts for the perfect gift may well have a complicated or conflicting relationship with it. They may have lost a relative, be estranged from their biological father or simply never had a relationship with them and that's just scratching the surface. What about those men who may well have a fantastic relationship with the Father's but are currently on a complicated fertility journey who don't want yet another email reminder flashing into their inbox. Receiving a multi-layer email flow centred around purchasing gifts for this ‘special’ day which for them may be anything but doesn’t do much for convincing them that you ‘get’ them...

stressed dad at laptop

It’s really important to understand (and demonstrate) that sensitive and thoughtful communication should always be at the forefront of your email marketing in order to get the best results. That’s why I advise all my clients that sending out a one off ‘opt out’ email and a carefully phrased follow up a few weeks before the big day is the best approach. This allows the recipient to decline emails related to Father’s Day communication (whilst still remaining on your main marketing list) and it demonstrates that you’re a brand that is in touch with the reality that ‘not-one-email-fits-all’, if you’ll pardon the pun.

No-one is alienated, everyone feels happy to be communicated with and you can rest in the knowledge that your emails can get the best possible reception they deserve.

If this is something you think you’d benefit from I can of course help to create this for you. Just ping me an email.

Charlotte x

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