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Updated: Mar 5

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Running your own business, have a small team or simply are working for a busy agency? You’re undoubtedly facing multitasking and LOTS of it.

You’re probably feeling stretched and overwhelmed by a mounting to do list – a list that always seems to include some sort of writing, be it updating product descriptions, the home page or producing authoritative and current content for the blog. Oh, AND there’s the content for your regular-but-in-reality-not-so-regular newsletter, not to mention social media captions that need to go up each and every day. Somehow, ‘writing’ keeps falling off the to do list, surrendering to more urgent matters like fixing the checkout page glitch, dealing with distribution issues, or hiring yet another customer service or sales rep...

The problem? There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done to an exceptional standard, consistently.

The solution? Embrace the opportunity to work with a freelance beauty copywriter you can rely on every time you need ‘writing’ done.

Need more convincing?

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Time Is Money – Including Yours!

Whether you are an entrepreneur or working for one, you’re constantly working around the clock to ensure the business is thriving. Hiring a copywriter to help improve (and maintain!) your business’ online presence will do wonders for your traffic and sales — all while freeing you up to focus on other areas of priority in your business. Imagine actually have more time to do the things you’re good at! Plus, the longer your copywriter works with you the more they’ll get to intrinsically know your brand. It gets easier and easier with a longer-term relationship.

Anyone Can Create Copy - Right?

Wrong, actually. There’s a reason that the profession exists, it takes a genuine wordsmith talent, creativity, and a sharp eye for detail. Not everyone processes these skills just the same as some people don’t possess the skills to do their own accounts. Sure, everyone can write words on a page, but you wouldn’t ever ‘just muddle through’ your accounts when it affects your bottom line, right?! You hire an accountant or a piece of software to track it for you (thank goodness for QuickBooks)! The approach you have to your content should be no different as spoiler: it also (really) affects your bottom line. Brand personalised content enhances customer relationships and unfortunately, simply duplicating old blog content and hoping your readers won’t notice (they definitely will) isn’t the way to keep your brand feeling fresh and relevant. If you’re in any doubt, they definitely will (notice) and both them and google can spot a reworded article from a mile away. A dedicated copywriter will provide you with original content that will help you bring in that engaged and motivated audience you want.

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Have Someone To Bounce (Great) Ideas Off.

Imagine having someone there who knows the industry back to front like you do. Collaboration is the key to creating something unique and engaging. You might have all the ideas but are struggling to get them down on paper, or you simply might not know where to begin because you’re quite frankly busy running the business. A copywriter is able to take your ideas and incorporate them into engaging posts to impact readers and leave a lasting impression. Your copywriter is able to share industry, marketing, and new launches tips with you and provide invaluable insight into what you might be missing.

The Bottom Line?

Content creation isn’t just for the instagrammers. It’s helped revolutionise online marketing and in times like these it’s never been more important to make sure your copy captures new customers, retains existing ones, and sells hard. Fortunately, your copywriter is at the end of the reply button on your email!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Char x

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