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Updated: Mar 5

It’s no secret that the past few years have been demanding on our mental health. For so many the new reality of working, socialising, and parenting without leaving our homes has been turbulent and tough. Getting to grips with a new daily routine, social distancing, and a lot of extra time (or not) on our hands has led to many feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

Colour is an absolute staple for the industry. It’s something which impacts us all and is often taken for granted. It has the power to directly impact human behaviour, whether that’s to energise or soothe.

Colour can provide subliminal messaging to entice purchases, increase brand loyalty and forge first impressions. Research on colour psychology is vast and these five colours have been proven to directly help influence our mental wellbeing. With so much of purchasing power these days centring around inspiring an emotional response from the consumer, knowing how to attract them given the national mood of the moment is a great tool in your arsenal…

Pantone colour swatch

Soothing Lavender.

No (real) surprises here as Lavender has been associated with peace and serenity for donkey’s years. It has the capacity to bring balance by asking us to connect our minds and bodies as one. Research seems to agree with the effectiveness of meditation becoming up to ten times greater when practiced under purple lights.

Pantone colour swatch

Pistachio Green.

Restful, nurturing, and reflective of the natural world, greens are something we associate directly with Mother Nature and the lush outdoors. The benefits of surrounding and immersing yourself in nature has long been proven to improve your mood, cognition and overall health and wellbeing. Pistachio Green was held up by the Egyptians as a sacred colour symbolizing health, prosperity and the emotions of hope and joy. If you’re looking to inspire calm and tranquillity, creamier shades provide it in spades.

Pantone colour swatch

Lavender Grey.

You’d be forgiven for raising an eyebrow that a colour often associated with low moods and cloudy skies is included in this list but as always, the devil is in the detail. The right shade of grey can be immensely calming and relaxing. The combination with traditional lavender uplifts and balances the cool and neutral tones of grey. The perfect antidote to a chaotic world.

Pantone colour swatch

Powdered Pink.

Pinks can conjure feelings of compassion, nurture, and love just like the pink skies of a beautiful sunset. Think soft and light shades for boosting energy levels.

Pantone colour swatch

Sky Blue.

This colour stands true to its name: peaceful, calm, and gentle. Blue tones have long been employed to help manage stress levels and offer a feeling of escapism and sparking joyful memories (think: blue skies on holiday!). Blue can calm your mind, slow your heart rate, and lower your blood pressure, in turn reducing anxiety.

The bottom line…

Rooted in nature and optimism which can help to soothe senses and ignite feelings of joy and tranquillity in times of unease.

Until next time,

Char x

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