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For 2020’s conscious consumer, sustainable beauty isn’t a trend, it’s a full-blown movement. From plastic-free packaging, environmental initiatives, and the most effective formulas for the price, the battle is well and truly on. We’ve done the legwork for you by selecting our favourite sustainable beauty brands of the moment.


Introducing GOSH Copenhagen, the Scandi brand with a big mission to tackle Ocean Waste Plastic head-on. For every GOSH Catchy Eyes Drama Mascara and GOSH Dextreme Full Coverage Foundation created a massive x12 plastic bags are removed from our oceans and rivers.

The new Aussie-kid on the block is Beached. Top-notch organic and natural ingredients powered by Aussie superfruits are all packaged up in recycled plastic. Getting ready for summer? The Beached Bondi Bum will leave skin smoothing and firmer with its caffeine and seaweed formula.


Face wipes are officially over according to FACE HALO. This piece of wizardry contains HaloTech fibers that are 100 times finer than a human hair which grabs onto makeup, removing everything with just water. It’s dual-sided and washing machine friendly for multiple uses. If you’re still a wipes lover, make sure they’re the Yes to Watermelon Facial Wipes which are biodegradable and made of plant cellulose for guilt-free makeup removal.


Next up is innovative and knowledgeable skincare brand Scientia. Each ingredient is ruthlessly examined for its sustainable sources promising maximum glow up for your body and mind. All elements of its packaging are recyclable, right down to the Soy ink.

Searching for salon-quality hair care at home but don’t want to compromise? Your search is over with FFOR – Free From Original Real. A brand-new range that lives by three simple rules: do good, look good, feel good. Sustainability is core to FFOR’s ethos – every element is ensured to be environmentally, ethically, morally, and sustainably responsible as can be. Speaking of bees, they even have beehives on their office roof!

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