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Updated: Mar 5

Does 'selling' on social media give you the icck?!

Consider this the sign you need to be able to sell on social media and NOT feel 'sales-y' about it.

Let me ask you a question…

It'd be weird if you walked into a physical store and the person working there started hiding all the products on the shelves?

You might not realise it, but you're probably doing that in your beautiful business.

You see, you are ALLOWED to sell on social media. You SHOULD be selling on social media. And you DON'T need to feel or be sales-y to do it.

You have a thing that's going to make someone's life better. That person that it's perfect for? Deserves to have it to help them… and you get the privilege of letting them know it exists!

So if you're not selling, you're not only doing yourself a disservice but doing a disservice to the person who needs or wants what you have, too.

And selling? You shouldn't feel sales-y if you focus on a few little strategies that can make it much more natural and less overwhelming.

flo diagram containing sales tips



Public service announcement: You can sell on ANY post. It does not need a specific post dedicated to 'selling' something.

Whenever you tell stories, share tips, educate, inform, connect and inspire on social media, you're providing massive added value to your audience whether they follow you. And after any of these value-adding posts? You call people to action or promote your offer to create SALES or LEADS using the "PS" strategy. The best bit? It doesn't need to relate exactly to the post you just wrote; you can use it to lead to a sale.

Here's an example…

Imagine you just wrote a post about the 3 top vitamins in skincare for radiant skin. Not a selling post, BUT you can still use it to MAKE SALES! You could add to the end of the post or the last slide of the carousel the following call to action:

PS: are you looking for a skincare solution that has allllll the vitamins discussed in this post? If so, check out the XYZ range just released! Head to the link in my bio to see all the amazingness, or DM me for personal recommendations.


Most people feel 'sales-y' when they sell as they dive straight into the "sale" itself in the opening line, which can feel daunting and inauthentic.

Instead, when you write content that 'talks' to the brilliant and genuine person on the other side of the screen, your posts feel less forced, which is better for you AND your audience.

One way you can use 'conversation' to make your sales post more authentic is to open your selling posts with a question like one of the following:

"Have you been looking for XYZ?"

"Do you want to XYZ"

"Thinking about XYZ?"

"Then XYZ solution may be for you."

This also helps you focus on the BENEFITS of what you sell!

Here's an example lifted from the Content Busting Bundle - Char White Writes pack of templates to get you seen loved and selling with ease:

Anyone else's jaw-dropping at this new range of [insert offer. EXAMPLE: summer dresses that just landed in store]?

So over the moon right now to be adding these [insert offer. EXAMPLE: light, breezy beauties] to the store right NOW!

If you want to check them out and get first dibs on your favourite before they sell out, head over to [insert what you want them to do. EXAMPLE: the link in my bio now].


You don't need to sell your products and services overtly constantly. You can use what your customers or clients say to sell for you! This is especially great if shouting about how great you or your business is giving you the icck.

Aim to use testimonials and user-generated content to do the selling and positioning for you regularly in your business – and have a method to make sure you periodically seek this info from your happy customers, so you have plenty of it on hand!

Not only does this mean you don't need to sell something yourself, but this content also helps build trust and credibility – an essential factor when people consider buying with you.


Public service announcement 2: You should sell more often than you think—at least 1/5th of the time, or about 20%.

But it's the content when you are *NOT* selling that makes your sales posts more accessible and more effective.


*That* content positions your brand, so you don't need to cram so much content into sales posts. It takes the pressure off.

Focusing 80% of your content on helping people know what you do—adding value to their life them understand why to choose you. Create a genuine connection. Then your sales posts can speak directly to your offers' benefits and features and call people to take action!

AND PS – IF YOU WANT THIS ALL DONE FOR YOU? Check out Content Busting Bundle, where I have done your content for you. Content that'll not only help position you 80% of the time but help you to SELL the other 20% authentically and in a way that gets results, too.


Get seen, loved and selling and say goodbye to your content struggles with done-for-you social media captions and email marketing scripts in the Content Busting Bundle here:

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