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Your signature may be one of the last things people read.

Make sure to add a POP of personality and some last powerful brand positioning before they go!

1. To your {insert their desire/outcome. EXAMPLE: content creation expert}, Charlotte

2. Yours in all things {insert your niche/point of difference. EXAMPLE: freelance copywriting}, Charlotte

3. With love & {insert a word related to your niche/point of difference. EXAMPLE: great content}, Charlotte

4. Until next time, stay{insert a word/s or that has meaning to your brand. EXAMPLE: compelling and selling}, Charlotte

5. As always, {insert gratitude or inspiration. EXAMPLE: stay positive and don’t forget to manifest}, Charlotte

6. Love your {insert adjective. EXAMPLE: no BS} {insert your title. EXAMPLE: wordsmith}, Charlotte

7. Wishing you {insert niche term. EXAMPLE: connection} and {insert niche term. EXAMPLE: conversion}, Charlotte

8. Until the next time I slide into your inbox with {insert topic. EXAMPLE: content busting brilliance}, Charlotte

9. And as an extra bonus, have fun with alliteration! Use a “normal” sign-off and pair it with a keyword or brand word starting with the same letter.


  • Lots of love + lollies that leave a smile,

  • Air kisses and anti-burnout,

  • Cuddles + content mastery,

10. Keep it same, same but different. I personally love ‘until next time, Charlotte’.

Speaking of emails, sign up for my non-spammy (I promise) newsletter for a weekly dose of content wizardry and if you want powerfully done-for-you content for your small biz then check out the Content Busting Bundle.

Until next time,

Charlotte x

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